What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a spiritual tool that allows people to connect with their inner wisdom, understand what they need to know about a certain situation in particular. Each time, the readings give you insight into past, current, and future events. Allowing you to determine the best course of action based on what the cards show you.

The Tarot, according to some occult schools of thought such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , is considered a mnemonic device or textbook for its teachings. This could be the cause of the arcane world, which is used to convey the meaning of two sections of the tarot deck. It is the plural form of the Latin word Arcanum which means secret or closed.

How do Tarot cards work?

Several people are confused by not understanding how a deck of cards can predict the future. However, it is far beyond a guess or a simple prediction. Tarot cards go far beyond their pictorial representation. The cards allow us to have a clear idea of ourselves and the world around us. They represent the journeys and situations that we must make and the decisions that we have to make during our journey on this earth.

Steps to read and understand the meaning of the Tarot

The typical reading of the Tarot begins when the deck of cards is shuffled by the person being consulted, he leaves them on the tablecloth and chooses some cards at random placing them down. The consultant gives them to the reader who places them face up on the table in a certain way, which is called a spread.

The extension can be any of a selective number of patterns, each of which has a relevant name and is used for various types of reads. But to ensure you receive the best results, your reader will select the most relevant distribution for the specific query you are addressing. For example, they will change their design of the cards for relationship readings, love readings, money readings, etc.

Many people worry when certain cards appear, mainly the death card. However, with many cards, including the death card, the meanings are not what you might think or what is graphically represented. And in the case of the death card, this can simply mean the end of a certain traumatic part of our lives and rarely has anything to do with dying or something close to physical death.

As the Tarot reader places the cards, he also receives many intuitive impressions and ideas in his subconscious that help him answer his questions. They are not just looking at the pictures and giving you the answers.

Tarot reading types

Although the types of spreads in Tarot can be as diverse as people's taste in music and they can lose track very easily, we present you with a limited number of proven and effective Tarot spreads that are tailor-made for your demand.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: The most famous and sought-after type of reading in both ancient and modern tarot. The 11 positions of the Celtic Cross offer enough detail to represent the most complicated subjects, be it about love, career, family, which is why it has been the standard form of tarot for hundreds of years. If you have not had a Tarot session before, we suggest that you choose Celtic cross readings to get a brief idea of the magnanimity of the spread.

The Tree of Life Tarot Reading: The Tree of Life Extension is ideal for a seeker who intends to have a clear idea of the occurrences of his past, present and future events, and the reason for each of the incidents and the nature of cause and effect of your karmic cycle. Effective for those seeking inner solitude, as well as outer progress through readings.

Horoscope Tarot Reading : The Tarot reader will intuitively pick up 12 different cards, each corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac and a card number 13, which is generally an indicator of the query in question. This is an effective way of reading that understands all the signs of the zodiac and gives its predictions in a few words and also answers a specific question if there is something on the mind of the seeker. This works perfectly if you are expecting a mass read for multiple people in your group and are fairly generic in your approach.

Types of decks for Tarot reading

There are many types of tarot decks available and there is no standard number of cards in all decks. The card illustrations vary greatly across the cards, the suits and their meanings are the same. Decks are classified based on various themes, such as animals, nature, dragons, fantasy, etc. The most widely used deck is the Rider-Waite deck, created in 1909 by AE Waite and published by Rider & company. He was a prominent member of the occult group of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Here is the explanation about the different types of decks.

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck: It can be considered as the most popular tarot deck in use today. The images were drawn by artist Pamela Smith following the instructions of the occult writer AEWaite and later published by Rider & Company. Although the images are simple, the backgrounds of the cards have a rich combination of symbolism.

Oracle Tarot Deck: It is a set of cards, but it may or may not be as significant as the Tarot cards in terms of symbols of the major and minor arcana. They are mainly used for guessing or even for meditation. Meditating on these cards helps bring clarity of thought.

The Gypsy Tsigane Tarot: Considered whimsical due to the bright colors used in these cards, this deck has gained much popularity among many readers, amateurs and professionals. The 4 suits in this deck are described as the four castes of society and many of the interpretations are attributed to the gypsy.

What do the Tarot cards mean?

The tarot is made up of 78 cards and the meanings of all 78 cards are relevant and necessary for a detailed understanding of the entire tarot system. Of these 78 cards, there are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards (wands, swords, pentacles, and cups). The major arcana cards are the first keys to our initial understanding.

Major Arcana of Tarot

The tarot cards of the Major Arcana have the most divinatory and symbolic meaning. The Tarot deck contains 22 Major Arcana cards numbered from 0 to 21. Each card is named and illustrated individually.

The major arcana cards are sometimes referred to as the "trumps" (derived from world trumps) of the tarot deck. Some people call them "Atu" . Therefore, Atu XVIII means "The Moon" . The real meaning of "Major Arcana" is "Major Mysteries".

Minor Arcana of the Tarot

The Minor Arcana cards. There are a total of 56 cards that are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, each containing 14 cards. Each of these costumes reflects the daily activities of our lives.


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